It is possible for you to make reservation for the stateroom for wedding feast, company parties, receptions, family reunion or simple friendly gathering. We offer top class not only of food and drinks, but the servers aw well.


Služby restaurace U ZvonkuRestaurant U Zvonku is very suitable for company praties and receptions. Reception is social evening of selected group of people with possibility of free movement and easy socialization with new people or discussion with colleagues. We offer you place and service for organizing such a party. We can advise you on food selection, organization of the evening and the choice of music. The service is ensured by customer’s wish, food as well. The easiest type of reception is so-called cold reception with cold dish, the next possibility is combined reception where both cold and hot food is served.
Types of receptions we offer :

  • small receptions
  • receptions for exihibits, vernisagge
  • bigger receptions for companies
  • receptions for sports events

Birthday parties and family reunions

Restaurace U Zvonku - SvatbyRestaurant U Zvonku is the finest place for family party or reunion opr to celebrate your birthday. Our stateroom is fit to celebrate your jubilee, wedding anniversary but any other important events. In combination with our garden kid’s corner we are able to arrange birthday party for your child and his/her friends. For adults we prepared a variety of food ec. garnished dishes, grilled wings and so on. Our drinks will satisfy not only your thirst but your taste buds as well.

Wedding feasts

Restaurace U Zvonku - SvatbyWith 50 people capacity our stateroom is the best place to have your wedding feast. It is matter of fact that not only our service is excellent but also variety of menu we will prepare in campliance with your imagination.
Of course we will help with choosing of dish, also with choice of decoration or the style of the feast. Unthinkable part of the feast is a wedding cake which we ensure in case of interest.

Bachelor party

Restaurant U Zvonku is suitable place also for Bachelor parties. Our stateroom is fine not only for men company but for girls night out. Say yours Bye to freedom in our restaurant.


Restaurace U Zvonku - Stolové úpravyBetween most popular habits taken over form the USA is barbeque. Restaurant U Zvonku offers you to book our outside roofed-over space with 40 seats. After agreement you can choose from several kinds of meat ( chicken, beef, pork, more in menu ) and side-dishes.


The craft of our bartendenders in quality of drinks is to be appreciated in our restaurant every day. We offer you the possibility to admire the art of barmanship in different way. Bottles flying through the air, dance music and art of bartenders is Barmanshow. Offered to diversify each party you organize in our restaurant.

Table setting, ceremonial board

Restaurace U Zvonku - Stolové úpravyYou will find the food prepared by us very satysfying by its both gustatory and estetical quality.
All of the dishes are served on first class dinner set. We put emphasis on perfectly prepared board, cleanness of the table cloth a general appearance of food and the board.
Clean and neat board is an important part not only of wedding feast but every other party. First-class quality of processing is commonplace.

Czech cuisine

Restaurace U Zvonku - Česká kuchyněLovers of czech cuisine will appreciate variety of food we are able to offer. Starting with typical czech soups ( garlic soup, potato soup, goulash soup ) snacks proper to beer ( pickled Camembert, utopenci ) and the main course as sirloin, pork meat with dumplings and sauerkraut, but also the most popular dish these days – fried cheese, are unique and tasteful by both quality of processing and material.

Venison feast

Venison belongs between the most tasteful kinds of meat. For example roebuck goulash, roebuck meat with rose sauce, roebuck sirloin with cranberries would make every venison couisine lover happy.

Fish specialities

Fish has always been popular types of food. Trouts from Ore mountains creeks are one of the best in the whole Czech republic so why not try trout on butter, by the miller method or fried? Do you like salmon better? Enjoy yourself with salmon with color pepper and wine, or with kapary sauce. Fried calamari and crab sticks fried in cheese batter expand litlle bit our wide offer.

Vegetarian cuisine

People who doesn’t eat meat will be very pleased with variety of our vegetatian cuisine. Choose from couple types of salads, let us fry you some kind of cheese or mushrooms, feel free to have some meatless pasta or some pancakes.

Beef and Pork

For redmeat fans we offer couple types of steak, of course done acording to your wish. You can also find variously prepared roasted beef. Also pork meat procesed by different recipes and different ingredients will awake your taste.

We offer :

  • company parties
  • promotional celebration
  • parties
  • presentations
  • birthday celebrations
  • receptions
  • different types of party acording to your wish

We will prepare for you :

  • cheese dish
  • salami dish
  • ham dish
  • fruit or vegateble dish
  • grilled meat
  • baked meat
  • smoked meat
  • fried meat
  • canapé of all kinds
  • typical czech meal, e.g..: sirloin, goulash, duck with sauerkraut and so on
    in case of interest we ensure cenfectionary

We prepare an offer and price calculation by your wish:

  • compilation of the offer ( which food will be served at your reception)
  • we secure a conslutation for your satisfaction
  • flower decoration possible if interested
  • we secure all the furniture (tables, cloths, china, glasses, cutlery)
  • service is provided by team of specialist in their field
  • possibility of securing accompanying cultural programme (music, dance, singing…)
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